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Scrivener For Dummies

Scrivener For Dummies - Gwen Hernandez

What is Scrivener?  Scrivener is a word processing package that keeps your projects organized.  It is basically setup like other packages with a menu bar, toolbar, etc.


“Scrivener’s core purpose is to help you write.  It’s not intended to tell you how to write or force you to get the work done.  Instead, Scrivener provides an environment in which you can keep your writing, character sketches, synopses, outlines, and images in one project file.”


Scrivener For Dummies


Many of us are familiar with the “…….For Dummies” format, with its “Tip,” “Remember,” Technical Stuff,” and Warning!,” icons, no difference here.


The book is divided into seven (7) parts:


Part 1 - Getting to know Scrivener – Creating a project and Scrivener Interface

Part 2 - Meeting the Inspector – Understanding the synopsis, metadata, and notes

Part 3 - Starting to write – Editor function, corkboard, and outliner

Part 4 - Getting your manuscript out there – Compiling, exporting to eBook or Kindle, etc.

Part 5 - Customizing your Scrivener experience – Word count, custom layouts, templates, etc.

Part 6 - Getting the most out of Scrivener – Searching, snapshots, etc.

Part 7- The part of tens – Advanced features and accessing more help


The book provides a step-by-step approach that takes one from writing and collecting information for your projects to compiling a manuscript ready for the publisher, eBook, or Kindle.   Also, this is a great reference book.  I have used it when I need to resolve a Scrivener problem. 


The author also teaches an on-line Scrivener class at:  http://www.wiziq.com/

There is a class for Mac and for Windows.