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Russian Roulette - Austin S. Camacho Russian Roulette

A Mystery/Thriller

Author - Austin S. Camacho

Russian Roulette

Intrigue Publishing
Springfield, VA

Russian Roulette is part of the Hannibal Jones series. Hannibal is a P.I. in Washington, D.C. who is this book gets involved with a Russian Mafiya killer, Aleksandr Ivanovich, who seeks his help in protecting Viktoriya Petrova a young woman, who he loves. It seems that Viktoriya, a beautiful woman of Russian decent, is sought after by every man that she comes in contact with.

It is a great story with many twisted and turns including murder, mob money, theft, etc. Hannibal starts out by trying to get information about Viktoriya’s fiancée, for Ivanovich. Ivanovich is convinced that the fiancée is not who he claims to be. This puts Hannibal in his Volvo, Black Beauty, driving the streets of D.C. and its suburbs (both Maryland and Virginia) tracking evidence and solutions to the many problems created in the search for the truth.

I really liked the story. If you read Collateral Damage by the author I think you will enjoy this book even more.