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The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho The Alchemist

Written By: Paulo Coelho (Translated by Alan R. Clarke)

Published by: Harper One

The Alchemist

This is a story about a young man, Santiago, a shepherd, who has dreams that sends him on a journey, to find a treasure. Santiago meets many people and has many challenges in his travels. He continuously develops and learns from these experiences.

Santiago’s parents had wanted him to be a priest; however, while studying in school he realized that this was not what he wanted. His father then gave him money to buy a flock of sheep, since Santiago thought being a shepherd was what he wanted. This gave him the opportunity to travel around and meet other people and see other towns. While traveling with his sheep he had the same dream twice. Santiago’s dreams led him to a fortune teller which began his travels to foreign lands.

The book had adventure, fantasy, inspiration, and spirituality. I think cultural background may have a significant impact on one’s interpretation and understanding of this story. I found the tone of the story very calming.