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The End of the Party - Graham Greene The End of the Party

Written by: Graham Greene

The End of the Party

Major Characters:

Peter Morton
Francis Morton
Mrs. Henne-Falcon
Mabel Warren

Peter and Francis are identical twins. Peter woke early in anticipation of the party they would attend later that day. He watched his brother sleep noting that it was like looking in a mirror. Later, he had to wake Francis out of a bad dream. Peter seems to know exactly what Francis was dreaming. This is how close they were.

Unlike Peter, Francis was not looking forward to attending the birthday party that would be hosted by Mrs. Henne-Falcon, for Colin Henne-Falcon. Francis remembered his bad experience with Joyce… and Mabel Warren, last year. Joyce was eleven and Mabel was thirteen, both older than him. He was not comfortable with girls. Mabel had made him scream last year when she suddenly touched him during a game, in the darkened house. Francis is afraid of the dark.

Francis thought of ways to keep from going to the party. Peter being a compassionate brother tried to help by coming up with some schemes of his own. Nothing seem to work and Francis decides to go to the party hoping that he can avoid playing hide and seek, in the dark. This seemed to be a favorite game of everyone, except Francis.

In the end, the game can not be avoided and Francis finds a place to hide. Being a concerned brother Peter tries to think of where Francis would hide so that he can go to him. He was able to find where Francis was hiding and went there to comfort him. There in the dark Peter clinched fingers with Francis to quell his fear. With his brother there Francis no long felt any fear.

I enjoyed this short story which I read as a result of reading the review of a "Goodreads" member.