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The Lady with the Little Dog - Anton Chekhov The Lady with the Pet Dog

Written by: Anton Chekhov

Translated By: Avrahm Yarmolinsky

The story is often translated “The Lady with the Little Dog.”

The Lady with the Pet Dog


Dmitry Dmitrich Gurov
Anna Segeyevna (Lady)

Gurov is almost forty (40) years old and from Moscow. He is married and work s for a bank in his native city. He studied languages and literature at his university, years ago. Gurov is visiting Yalta, a resort city on the Black Sea. He normally takes in the sights of the promenade while sitting in a confectionery shop, in the afternoons. Today he spots a woman, Anna Segeyevna, walking a small white Pomeranian.

Gurov was immediately attracted to Anna a fair haired woman of medium height. He notices that she is alone, except for her dog and decides that he wants to get to know her. Gurov has had many affairs during his marriage. He considers his wife and women, in general, an inferior race. However, Gurov can not live without the company of women, other than his wife. He is bored with the company of men.

Gurov asks around and nobody knows this women. He sees her and her dog again, this time dining in a public garden. He sits at the table next to her attracts dog and offers him a bone. He strikes up a conversation with Anna and their relationship begins.

He finds out that she too is married and in Yalta without her husband. She seems to welcome his attention. Anna is only about twenty years old. This is a new experience for Anna, being alone and talking to a stranger away from home.

Gurov can’t stop thinking about Anna, and continues to seek her company, since her husband is not expected to join her anytime soon. They meet daily and enjoy each others company. Gurov was well aware of his intentions; however, I believe Anna was lonesome and just seeking company, at first. Later, Anna knows what is happening, but is involved at this time and is concerned about whether Gurov really respects her. There has been some kissing and touching, but, it is not clear whether their relationship has gone any further, at this time. At some point, Anna’s husband decides that he is not coming to Yalta, and asks her to come home.

Both Dmitry and Anna return to their homes respectively. Dmitry decides that he can not get along without her and leaves home to see her. He finds out where she lives and lurks around her house to try to see her. She does not appear at home. He thinks maybe he might see her at the theater after seeing a playbill. He goes to the theater and he sees her. She is upset but agrees to meet him later.

Anna decides that she would go to Moscow every couple of months, telling her husband that she was going to see a doctor about a “woman’s ailment.” Gurov would meet her in her hotel room. They continued this affair not wanting to leave one another.

Noting the difference in age and experience Gurov took advantage of Anna. Of course, she could have chosen not entered into the relationship, but I believe she was vulnerable due to being alone and young in age.